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WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston Global Internet Radio is honored and excited, to now be hosting the weekly show of the incomparable, world-renowned, and epic group Threesyle (Featuring Hosts Saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and Guitarist Robert Fertl).

Listen LIVE at Monday thru Sunday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT. New York/Boston, USA GMT -5.

The "Threestyle Jazz Radio Show" features the music of their world premiere new album "Perfect Combination" and various Smooth Jazz artists that they have collaborated with. We know it will be another chart-topping album.

Perfect Combination is an 11 track masterpiece chocked full of fabulous eclectic music vibes and amazing collaborations that will keep you coming back for more and more listening pleasure of this amazing world-class and quite frankly, epic group.

CONGRATULATIONS Threestyle and to all who touched this amazing project, it's always a great honor to be broadcasting your masterpiece music all around the planet! Jeff Moses

ThreeStyle Jazz Radio Show Schedule

Daily on @11am EST

Saturdays on,@11am PST 

Sundays   on @8pm EST

Sundays   on New York CD 101,9 @11pm EST

Tuesdays  on at 9pm EST

Saturdays  on at 8:30pm EST 

Saturdays  on WJKR-DB 3pm EST

Fridays     on at 12pm EST

Mondays   on at 6pm EST

Sundays    on at 4pm EST

Saturday    on at 7pm EST

Listen to the sample shows @ Mixcloud click here

Now you can listen in Australia on SmoothJazz 905 Sydney Australia

If you missed the Radio Show now you can listen 24/7 on Mixcloud